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I decided to round up all the unfilled prompts from the more recent SPN Gabriel related Kink/fic memes.
Here are all of them from the
The Gabriel Kink Meme

Gabriel prompts.
Because Dean's not the only Big Brother in the world.
Gabriel is Not Pleased with how Zachariah's been treating Castiel and the Winchesters. As such, he decides to re-enact Mystery Spot - only this time, with Team Free Will as the spectators and Zach in the staring role. Cue Zachariah dying in increasingly ridiculous and embarassing ways. I would also like to see TFW bringing popcorn as they settle back and enjoy the show.

Brotherly love
Castiel has gained the status of an archangel (set in a theoretical post-Win future, a result of finally finding God, etc.) Gabriel is, quite bluntly, almost giddy with this development (he's finally getting a brother who's not a dick and has no real interest in the ongoing fued between Lucy and Mike - besides from stopping it) and starts showing Cas the ropes. Brotherly love, please (no angelcest, please!)

kidnapping and pregnancies
AU. Gabriel and Sam are kidnapped sometime after "My Bloody Valentine". For some reason, the kidnapper wants them to have a baby. Gabriel magically gets knocked up with Sam's baby, and the two grow closer. It's also a fast pregnancy. Gabriel's nine months along by the time he and Sam can escape a few days after the kidnapping. He goes into labor and Sam has to help him deliver the baby.

adam is gabriel's vessel.

Gabriel Threesome-Moresome
someone as to show Castiel what to do with his pretty Winchester.

Watching and Directing
Sam/Dean (Gabriel watching), giving directions

Sam in the middle. Ruby and Gabriel are fighting over Sam but Sam is the one who sets the rules of this thing between them all.

Dean just wants to know this angel's treating his brother right. That's all...

This way they all get what they want

Doctor Who x-over
Gabriel/The Master(&/The Doctor) Gabriel likes to be in control, so does The Master.


When Dean is dying in the hospital John doesn't make a deal atleast not with a Demon. Bonus for John knowing who Gabriel is and not telling his boys

Sometime times she likes to watch and sometimes she likes to join them.

Gabriel wants in on the Dean/Cas action

double penetration
Gabriel/Dean/Castiel, double penetration, bonus is Sam's watching and jacking off

One big happy orgy with absinth and drugs

Bobby wheels in on them all doin it. They are all suiteably mortified/amused.

Lets get creative
I want Cas to possess Dean and Gabriel to possess Sam. Then the two have sex, while the bothers are aware

Castiel's in heat and big brother inlists the help of the Winchester to knock up little brother.

After a long hard hunt, Gabriel snaps up four sexy masseuses. All four men get full body massages. Or, if you want to be more personal, Gabriel gives his Sammy a massage.

Ritual impregnation to trap Lucifer's soul in a unborn baby.

Partner swap
Starts of with Dean/Gabriel and Sam/Castiel. One day Gabriel suggests partner swapping. He with Sam and Dean with Castiel. Ends with everyone staying in the new pairings or going back to their original partners.

In his experience, partying with 400 drunken rabbits ( usually results in an orgy.

Gabriel/Castiel + Dean
Gabriel taking his time with Castiel. Dean watching (either secretly, or tied up and can't do anything BUT watch).

Gabriel, Sam, Dean - pets
One of the shows Sam and Dean are sent to is a porn. Sam and Dean are Gabriel's pets. Spanking, oral sex, and anything else. Equal opportunity pet!usage by Gabriel (so not just Sam/Gabriel folks!). Sam/Dean if you like, Castiel could make an appearance if you want :D

Gabriel, Dean and Crowley have a guys night out - bars, drinking, women. End up someplace and have kinky sex. Double penetration, bondage, dirty talk.

Established wincest/threesome
Sam gets turned into a girl, and denies both Dean and Gabriel sex because they make stupidly male comments about it. However, she keeps teasing them. ('hey look, my boobs jiggle when I run!' Castiel: Hmm, so they do. Gabriel/Dean: WANT) Dean and Gabriel end up sat together commiserating with each other (what Sam's been doing to tease each of them, how much they miss X thing s/he did, etc) while Dean gets slightly drunk and Gabriel goes through breakup-amounts of chocolate. They decide enough is enough, and as soon as Dean's sober enough to stand they're going to seduce Sam. By playing with each other, visibly, noisily, and often. :D (Basically, I think I want all of them winding each other up so much the resultant sex is explosive.)

Psychic Plane
Sam and Gabriel sexing things up lights up the psychic plane like crazy. Pamela Barnes gets a taste and wants to join in. Much snarkiness ensues. Would also love to see Gabriel and Pam pondering the finer points of Sam, causing Sam to blush.

Castiel wants to seduce Dean, but doesn't know how. Big brother helps, and insists on having a bit of the action as payment. Slow sex, double penetration, Gabriel stroking Castiel's wings with his own.

Gabriel/Dean (potential Gabriel/Dean/Sam/Castiel) - Gabriel makes Dean ultra!sensitive to touch (to torment him/teach him a lesson), lots of unintentional orgasm-ing from Dean (from Sam/Castiel/Chuck/Bobby!!/Whoever] XD). Eventually Gabriel stops but not before overwhelming Dean with lots of touching and sexing. Sam and Castiel can join in too if they like...not sure about Bobby XD XD

Gabriel/Castie/lDean, bottom!dean
They wear him out with their angelic stamina

Sam wants Gabriel; Gabriel wants Castiel; Castiel wants Dean; Dean just wants his family to be happy for once.

Gabriel learns to love Dean for Castiel's sake. Bonus points for markings, wings, and use of the word "mate".

Sam and Dean have been happily screwing since Sam was legally old enough. Gabriel is *very* aware the pair are lovers. Gabriel wants Sam, but is equally turned on by the pair together - especially playing up the incest angle. Somehow they come to an arrangement. Can be girl!Sam

It takes two angels to impregnate a human

bottom!Sam, toys, Sam's gotten used to be on his knees

Gabriel and [Sam or Dean] taking it in turns, because they like it when [Dean or Sam] is fucked open, sloppy seconds.

Gabriel helps Castiel train Dean.

After Dean dies they take care of Cas

Gabriel wants to make sure Dean is treating Cas right.

Established Sam/Dean/Castiel + Gabriel
We've had Gabester applying to join Team Free Will, and there was that scorching ficlet with Team Free Love, so how about combining the two? I'd love to read the tale of Gabriel wanting in on the threesome action. He can pester the guys in his tricksterish fashion until they allow him in bed. Or he can apply in writing, specifying all the advantages of foursome over a threesome :)

Angels mate/bond in flocks, they also have young/nest at the same time. Writer's choice if its just the angels that are in a family way or just the hunters or all of them or some of them.

Dean is cursed into having all the symptoms of being pregnant and is constantly horny. Satisfying him turns out to be harder than Cas thinks, so he calls Gabriel for help.

It's Sam's birthday, so Gabriel gives his lover a night he'll never forget. The arch angle creates another of himself for some double angel fun for Sam.

Kink: double penetration, non-con. or Kink: double penetration, con.

a struggle for affection... kink: double penetration

kink: dub-con, double penetration

gabriel + girl!castiel(cassiel since he's a female) + dean ^_^
gabriel join team free will for girl!castiel n he has been trying to seduce her relentlessly. dean also want girl!castiel but he never make a move on her on the account she is an angel. when gabe show up n start to seduce her, dean have to use his own charm to win girl!castiel's affection. however girl!castiel is completely clueless about their feeling.
kink: dub-con, threesome...

michael\lucifer\gabriel\girl!castiel (cassiel)
girl!castiel has fought againts all of her big brothers: michael, lucifer and gabriel for the winchesters. the big brothers are all displeased with her and decided they need to teach their little sister a lesson, a delicious lesson... :P
kink: dub-con, finger-fucking, cunnilingus, cock-riding, forced orgasm, etc...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

They are the first angel the either one of them has interacted with in a long time and it's the familiarity that blurs the lines between talking and fucking.

Feeling a disturbance in the force, 1978!Gabriel visits Cas to see what's up and make use of that honeymoon suite.

His place
Gabriel puts Castiel in his place. On his knees. (bonus for Gabriel fucking/raping Sam and making Castiel watch.)

True Forms
Gabriel/Castiel. I'd love to read something about Gabriel and Castiel having sex while in their true forms. I'd love a lot of touching, kissing, wing-play, plus anything else you wanna add into the mix. Gabriel can be as kinky and minxy as you like, but I must ask for consensual sex between them though - I want them both to enjoy it.

Castiel has been raped by demons

Gabriel takes care of Castiel after he is raped by Lucifer.

Gabriel saves Castiel from another run in with Zachariah and his cronies Cas is pretty beat up so some hurt comfort fic.


"Easy, little brother, I'll take care of you."

Gabriel/Castiel - Gabriel shows Castiel why Dean likes to fuck his little brother.

halo and wing sex

Gabriel/Castiel, Castiel/Dean
Gabriel can't give Castiel back his grace but Gabriel is/was a god. He makes Castiel one of his servants (through sex of course), and Dean is his Cas' first supplicant.

Gabriel/Future!Cas, I want Gabriel to encounter 2014!Cas. Maybe he returns for him and future!Cas gets his happy ending, or maybe Gabriel sees future!Cas and decides to prevent the future from happening by helping present!Cas. It's up to you.

Gabriel comforts Castiel after Dark Side of the Moon

Gabriel has extreme jealousy issues.

Jealous!Castiel, Oblivious!Gabriel, First Time.
There is a new prophet, and 'witness protection' or not, someone has to take care of him. Cas is not happy that his brother spends so much time with the new guy

Gabriel/girl!Castiel- Cunnilingus

snarky sex off

Obscure Loopholes
An obscure loop-hole says that the Apocalypse can be averted if a demon and an angel sleep together. Gabriel decides to stand up to his family and put an end to this whole mess. Crowley obliges.

I'm dying for some Gabriel/Crowley where Crowley = GoodOmens!Crowley.

Sam/Aziraphale, Gabriel/Crowley, opposites don't necessarily attract

Dean thinks he's just having a normal dream, so he can do what he wants to the angel, but Gabriel's actually there.

Angel Mojo
Gabriel uses his angel mojo to make Dean want it. Dean knows what's happening, but is unable to resist regardless. Bonus points for Castiel showing up halfway through and Gabriel inviting him to join. Double bonus for Castiel taking him up on it.

Gabriel has watched the Winchester boys almost all their lives the night John and Sam have their big blow up he's there watching from the shadows remembering a time when he like Dean stood between a Father who expected his orders to be obeyed, and a son on the verge of rebellion. After Sam leaves and Dean is drowning his sorrows at the nearest bar Gabriel takes pity on him disguising himself and picking Dean up at the bar they end up having hot, dirty, needy sex.

ChocolatCovering Dean with chocolate and delicious sticky sex.e

With all the quirky things Gabriel can do, surely tentacles are not out of the question. Either controlling them, or tentacles are an angels true form (awesome!). Orgasm denial, size kink, Dean sucking the tentacles off.

Okay, not sure where this plot-bunny/kink request came from, but here goes - post-Mystery Spot, Gabriel puts Dean into his own fake world, and that is what we've seen in canon. So, Castiel and everything else doesn't [necessarily] exist, it is just a potential future to try and show Dean what might happen to Sam. From where you take it is up to or pre-hell. "Castiel" is Gabriel having some fun, "Castiel"/Dean relationship if you like, eventually revealed to be the Trickster (eventually revealed to be Gabriel).

Dean gives Gabriel a hard time about why he doesn't have a more impressive vessel. Gabriel shows him how IMPRESSIVE his vessel really is. huge!dick!Gabriel + size!kink!Dean = hot, hot sex. Please :D

Gabriel/Dean (past/currentish Dean/Castiel). Not-so-nice!Gabriel - Gabriel outranks Castiel. And Gabriel takes what Gabriel wants. (Dean's pleasure about this [or not] is up to you, but no rape)

Sam wants to know why he always gets treated crappily by Gabriel (seeing Dean die etc etc), so insists Gabriel help him in a prank war against Dean. Gabriel's ideas of pranks are more p0rny and kinky than Sam was expecting. Dean isn't complaining though.

Branding - Gabriel gives Dean another scar for his other shoulder.

Sometime after Gabriel joins Team Free Will after a particularly bad day he and Dean bond over a couple bottles of whiskey and stories of their many sexual conquests. Dean finds himself getting very turned on by Gabriel's many lurid stories about his time spent as a pagan god and wanting Gabriel to do those things to him.

Gabriel wants Dean to beg; Dean holds out as long as he can. Bonus for angry/rough sex, but must be consensual.

Gabriel wants Dean to try out a vibrator for the first time. Dean is hesitant because a. he’s never bottomed, and b. he’s never bottomed BECAUSE he’s got an uber sensitive prostate. Like, shaking and crying over just fingers kind of sensitive. Gabriel manages to convince him.

Gabriel replaces Dean's boy parts with a vagina.

x-over Harry Potter, Gabriel/Marauder
I blame this totally on that "I'm up to no good" icon that's been floating around but a crossover pairing Gabriel with one of the Marauders. How about either an established relationship PWP smut including a blow job and some wing porn. or pulling off pranks together is a huge turn on.

Gabriel/Michael, Virginity

Gabriel wasn't even looking for his father.

Gabriel fucks John Winchester in the back seat of the Impala

John is not Dean's real father


non-con, forced orgasm - "Think your 'father' is going to save you, princess?"

Gabriel loves his Vessel.

Gabriel finds a way to persuade Raphael not to kill Cas... again.

Pre-Lucifer fall, angel!sex

No Sam and Dean involved. Rough sex, but with real affection under it.

Gabriel is a regular at the Roadhouse over several years. Sex on the counter tops, omgyes. OMG HET. Is that a kink amongst all these slash pairings?


Gabriel wants to get married your choice on who the "bride" ends up being.

Completely AU but Ellen and the Winchester boys are less than thrilled when they find out Jo and Gabriel are in love.

anti-christ sex!
Sam/Adam Young (GO Crossover), anti-christ sex! (pref. without Lucifer!Sam, too close to daddy-kink for my liking.) Don't forgot the jealous!Gabriel involvement.

unrequited Gabriel/Michael
Michael/Lucifer, unrequited Gabriel/Michael. At least if the apocalypse happens, one of them will be gone and he won't have to deal with the epic, star-crossed love.

I've seen a lot of fic where Gabriel joins team free will, so how about some where he decides to stand up to his family by allying with Lucifer instead. Triple bonus points if Gabriel decides the apocalypse needs to be funnier.

a fic based off this picture:

( History porn, plz. You can decided whether Moroni was genuine, just fucking with the Mormons for shits and giggles, or Lucifer/one of Lucifer's fallen angels.

bottom!Cupid, cuddling afterwards

Buffy always did have a thing for older guys who may or may not be evil.

"God saved you just for me" Confusion and power struggle

Gabriel(SPN)/Tara Macklay(BTVS)

Illyria is way cooler than Kali!! She is also somewhat a goddess... I hope to see stories about Gabriel's time as Loki the trickster and Illyria.

gabriel is assigned to protect girl!chuck the prophet of winchester's gospel. gabriel tries to get chuck to loosen up. girl!chuck dislikes gabriel for his attitude but in the end can't help falling in love with him.

gabriel/girl!chuck (charlie, :P)
girl!chuck had seen in her vision of the future that gabriel will come forward and help the winchester and died because of it... knowing the future but unable to stop or change it, she's heartbroken completely to the point she couldn't function without breaking down. a piece of gabriel is inside of her, inside her dream always comforting her and it makes her feel better but then dream!gabriel is telling her to move on with her life and let him go but she couldn't do it, she won't do it... the end is up to you whether she did move on or not... i know it's very angst prompt but please somebody be nice and write this... i'm begging you people, pretty please?

Gabriel/Tessa the Reaper
who did tessa offend that she ended up have to 'babysit' a certain archangel ghost who follows her around while she reaps soul? tessa hates that gabriel won't stop yapping about lot of things including candies?? :p
so after running out of patience, she silent him with a kiss...and one thing led to another... bonus point if it has been what gabriel aims for her to do all along... ^_^

Gabriel/Sam(antha), Dean(a)/Castiel
The only way to stop the apocalypse is to get the Winchester sisters pregnant. Bonus points for dub-con.

Sam desperately needs to get laid
Stealing from the [Unknown site tag] meme
Sam desperately needs to get laid, but he has a lot of issues; Gabriel has the handy ability to create obliging sex kittens out of thin air, and we already know he likes to watch... The dirty talk, by the way, should come from Gabriel and/or the playmate(s). Any other kinks except pain or non-con are welcome. Because they are his creations, Gabriel feels everything his girls to do Sam.

Convincing Sam to try toys (bonus for anything that vibrates or plays music)

Female genetalia
Gabriel may have a male form but he has female genetalia. Must include squirting/female ejaculation

Gabriel wants to a family and Sam's going to provide it whether he likes it or not (mpreg)

With Gabriel being the one tied up and takecharge!Sam.

once they get in the sack in becomes very apparent how NOT HUMAN Gabriel is. I mean: tentacles, bizarre flexibility/strength, or he could have those electric wings like Raphael, whatever you do just make it weird! And don't give Sam time to adjust! I want him completely dumbfounded and overwhelmed, wondering what the hell just happened.

AU Sam/Gabriel that started in Tall Tales
AU Sam/Gabriel that started in Tall Tales and has been happening on and off since, behind Dean's back. Especially good if Sam figured out/knew before Changing Channels that the Trickster was Gabriel. You can retcon Ruby or keep her somehow - I just want Dean spieling all of his stuff at the end of Changing Channels and Sam knowing the whole time.

Angel own human slaves
Flip side to a early prompt: Angels rule the world and humans are pets and slaves. Gabriel buys the Winchester brothers intending to give the youngest to his younger brother as a present, but quickly changes his mind and keeps Sam for himself, and gives Dean to Castiel. Bonus points for Gabriel teaching Sam to like it, rimming, blow jobs, the works. Even more bonus points if the brothers are fucked side by side at one point.

Gabriel/Sam, sex on a waterbed

Fuck or Die
fuck or die, bonus points for including time/space travel ;)

Gabriel makes for a great way to keep an out-of-his-mind-Sam from killing innocents

Vulcans are Sexy
When Sam was young he thought that Vulcans were the pinnacle of all that is cool and sexy. Now that he's older, he's realized that it was because he had a massive, ground-shaking crush on Spock. Gabriel finds out and uses it to his advantage. Ear-and-hand!porn ensues. Extra bonus for Pon Farr.

Gabriel is overprotective and possessive to the point of acting rather like an animal.

daddy!kink with Gabriel as daddy. Non-smug Gabriel, rather, he understands Sam's need for security and a loving, caring, doting father.

Sam's a virgin.

Sex in the sistine chapel.

AU Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Castiel - "I'll give you back your pretty wife, give your family peace and safety. But when your youngest turns eighteen, they will enter my service."

Instead of giving Sam an STD during Changing Channels Gabriel gives Sam something else -- and it doesn't go away.

taming. bondage, dub-con, rimming, spanking would all be pluses.

Gabriel/Sam (or Gabriel/Castiel would work)
"We are all beasts without the redeeming humanity of love."

Sugar Rush!!
Sam and/or Gabriel under the influence of candy, smut ensues. Bonus points for first time, though I'm just as happy with just the hyper ;)

Angel Powers
Sam/Gabriel or Dean/Gabriel - Sam or Dean with angel powers

Sam has a new addiction: angel spunk. Gabriel is all too happy to oblige. and like the demon blood, it gives Sam suparpowahs.

He steps in during the whole Ruby-debacle and makes Sam listen

Gabriel/bottom or switch Sam
'Team free will' lose the war somehow. Gabriel has one shot at going back in time. Something goes wrong and he goes too far back, sam can around 17 or 18 years old (whatever the legal age is). I want the winchesters to notice Sammy's angelic stalker! Note: If this is too specific I'm happy with G/S time travel

Sex Magic

Repressed Anger
"They always said I had a lot of repressed anger."
"I'm not repressed any more!"
Sam needs to vent his anger. Luckily, Gabriel can take it. (rough sex, maybe some bondage?)

Role Reversal
Sam's the angel, Gabriel's the hunter. Sam likes making him beg for it.

Sam is the aggressive one

personality swap
The angels are cursed, leading to a temporary personality swap between them; bonus points if personality swap leads to love!confusion

Gabriel/Sam or girl Sam, Sam getting off on either phone sex or Gabriel talking dirty to him.

Sam and Gabriel have been a couple for months, but have been hiding it from Dean who finds out when he walks in on them.

Gabriel takes Sam as a mate as way to protect him from being used as Lucifer's vessel. Would like to see some ritual sex maybe a little blood play.

Sam finds out Gabriel has an unusual kink he likes to zap them to all kinds of places during sex like onto an amusement park ride, the oval office, into scenes from movies, different eras of history.

Sam/girl Gabrie
She likes nothing better than to climb Sam all day long.



She begs him for a baby

"thats one hell of a height difference"
What Gabriel lacks in height, he makes up for in length. Sam has one hell of a limp afterwards

mpreg with a twist
In order to make Sam an unsuitable vessel for Lucifer, Gabriel turns him into a girl. Dean, Cas, and Sam all think this is a brillant plan...until she gets pregnant. Turns out, condoms don't work on archangels.

Gabriel/bottom!Sam - "If I take you from behind
Push myself into your mind
When you least expect it
Will you try and reject it
If I'm in charge and I treat you like a child
Will you let yourself go wild
Let my mouth go where it wants to?"

Angel Sex
Gabriel/Sam- Over the top Angel sex. Im talking wings twitching, feathers flying, lightbulbs shattering, Sam having to cover his eyes to prevent being blinded by Gabe's Grace, angel sex. Please?

Gabriel is helping Team Free will under on condition, Sam lets him fuck him.Be as kinky as you like, but I want Sam to enjoy it.

Sam has amnesia

Sam has to pick up Gabriel to fuck him into the wall

Dean is surprised
I want Sam and Dean to be having a conversation sitting at table. Gabriel walks by and Sam uses his sasquatch arms to pick him up and sit him on his lap. Right in front of Dean, who is like WTF, did I miss something? Sam is all like, oh right, I forgot to tell you, me and Gab are together. Then Gabriel snaps them to a location for hot sexxing. Also, much lolz are had by Cas at Dean's reaction. Dean is all, oh yeah? and grabs Cas and kisses him. Cas has a feathergasm.

Cupid brings them together
I want Gabriel and Sam to get hit with Cupid's arrow. Like it's God's plan they get together. (Just like Mary and John, who, before Cupid, couldn't stand each other).

Sam gets turned into a child. Gabriel is suprisingly good at caring for him, after all, he did raise Castiel.

no consciousnesss, no consent
Team Free Will is at its wits end. They can't think of a way to save Sam from Lucifer. Gabriel comes up with the idea to remove Sam from his body. No consciousness, no consent. He kisses Sam's soul from his meatsuit and coccoons it within himself. He can do this, since his vessel is bigger on the inside. Sam ges up to all sorts of naughty things inside Gabriel.

Gabriel/Sam (dean/castiel)- Gabriel owns Sam (likewise Castiel owns Dean).

"It's my fault and he only does it when Castiel isn't around to take care of him."

We've seen a bunch of Gabriel gets Sam pregnant prompts how about a Sam gets Gabriel pregnant one.

The apocalypse is over and Gabriel takes Sam on a romantic vacation to celebrate.

this is their domestic life

Gabriel/Sam or girl Sam, Gabriel gets Sam off with nothing more than the touch of his wings.

Sam's been running himself into the ground and Gabriel decides to take him on a vacation with no talk of the Apocalypse, just a few days of rest, relaxation and as much sex as possible. Any kinks you want, but I'd love plenty of schmoop and caring!Gabriel, please.

Sam gets Gabriel hooked on fancy flavored coffee drinks Gabriel + caffiene/sugar high = marathon sex.

Sam really loves the janitor outfit.

Never Have I ever/Truth or Dare/any similar game involving Gabriel, Sam, Dean and Castiel, where the questions unwittingly out Gabriel/Sam and Dean/Castiel. Neither pair knew about the other until the game.

drunk!Sam finally admit to having a thing for Gabriel

The prompt: fap fap fap
Do with it what you want.

"Tell me a story."
"Why me?"
"Aren't the Tricksters supposed to be the master storytellers?"
Sam wants Gabriel to tell him a story and somehow it becomes the one of how they fell into lust then wandered into love.

Sam remembers Dean telling him a long time ago that freckles are angel kisses. That's what their mother always said anyway. He finds some new freckles on his face and body and discovers Gabe has always been the one to leave him the new marks. Sex if you want, but mostly lots of kissing. :D

hurt!Sam and some sexual healing ;)

Sam/girl Gabriel
Showers Sex, boy Gabriel would also be great.

It is a well known fact that angels are strong and powerful and could do a lot of damage to humans if they aren't careful. What would happen if Gabriel lost a little bit of that control on Sam?

Lucifer!Sam/Gabriel and Gabriel/Sam
Sam says yes in Detroit to save Gabriel. Gabe remembers Sam and the great time they spent together before everything went to Hell. He also remembers some good times with Lucifer before he turned on Micheal. Somehow there's a happy ending with Sam back and Gabe happy...or not it's up to you.

sexual torture
Gabriel/Sam, Gabriel tortures Sam sexually to make him say yes but in the end decides to keep Sam for himself. Bonus points for Gabriel telling Sam how owned Dean is by Castiel.

Gabriel/Sam, Castiel/Sam
Dean and Sam are pets. Gabriel shows Castiel how to fuck his new pet using Sam as a teaching tool.

Sam shows Gabriel the fun side of fruit.

Sam mpreg
Gabriel has knocked up Sam during the End of Days. Cue: morning sickness, cravings and erratic horomones. Bonus points if hormonal Sam manages to somehow scare the crap out of some demons before bursting into tears and has gross cravings. I'd love if it despite the bad timing Dean and Castiel are actually quite excited but try to hide it

Sam is bitey and Gabriel is ticklish and wiggly.

sex in an alley

puppy play
Where Sam is the puppy. Con, noncon, up to the author. Collar, leash, the whole deal.

more than
becoming a mate takes more than marking

Either Sam wants to know what heaven's like and Gabe takes him there, or the world ends and they find each other again in heaven. Established relationship.

John failed at keeping Lilith from stealing Sam away and raising him. Gabriel lures/tricks/steal/captures him away from her when he's 19 hoping to 'save' him.

Gabriel/Sam, Castiel/girl!Dean - Gabriel and Castiel breed their humans.

Series role switch
AU/ Series Role Switch. Sam went to hell instead of Dean. Gabriel raised Sam from perdition and Gabriel learns that those hand prints he left can be quite a turn on for Sam. Take it anyway you will. I'm not picky at all~

Sam actually does cry during sex sometimes and he starts crying his first time with Gabriel. Gabriel thinks he's hurt Sam.

erogenous zone
Angels have some different erogenous zones than humans. Using Gabriel, Sam shows Dean how to turn Castiel on.


Gabriel makes Sam a demi-god/one of Gabriel as Trickster's servants because Lucifer can't use a pagan god or pagan angel as a vessel. The process involves 24 hours of sex.

Sam has a breakdown - screaming, crying, throwing thing, self-harm and Gabriel puts him back together again.

back to health
AU! Gabriel finds teen!Sam after he was injured during a hunt. His angelic nature kicks in and he nurses Sam back to health.

fun sex
Sam hasn't had sex that he really enjoyed for a long time, maybe since Jessica, and Gabriel decides to remind him of how much fun sex can be. Bonus points for bottom!Sam and for Dean noticing a difference in Sam the morning after.

Girl!Sam/Gabriel. Samantha Winchester is a kinky thing beneath her uptight exterior and Gabriel loves indulging her. Any kinks but bloodplay, watersports or scat welcomed.

Nightly adventures
Gabriel, for whatever reason, keeps showing up in Sam's dreams and showing him all of these amazing places. ie The Great Pyramids when they were being built, Mars etc. I don't care what happens (PWP gen whatever) I just want Gabe to "take" Sam on an adventure every night.

Gabriel uses his grace to heal Sam but it comes with a cost

Sex in the rain

only Gabriel could make pancake batter erotic

Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Castiel. Body shots.

"Don'tcha worry Sammy. I'm gonna show how beautiful you really are."

slow & easy
Gabriel/Sam (boy or girl Sam whatever you prefer gonna use the masculine in kink though to save time and effort) Sam has had a big falling out with Dean for whatever reason you want. He feels guilty and worthless. Gabriel convinces him he is loved and worthy via slow, easy, loving and passionate sex. (bonus points for cute dirty talk)

online fandom
Sam finds Gabe/Sam fan fiction forum/LJ online. (I guess Chuck has continued to write the Supernatural books after all.) He's disgusted at first but then after a few days of thinking about the archangel/trickster, he soon participates in the small fandom with fan fic, commenting, and becoming friends with some of the members. He soon finds out the actual Gabriel/Trickster is part of it too and he helps Sam fulfill his most kinky desires. ;P

(non-con?)Gabe/Lucifer, Gabe/Sam (Wing!kink?)
Gabriel is part of Team Freewill but gets captured by Lucifer. He's strapped to a wall and torchered (wings are spread and being cut), but still somewhat has his snarky attitude through all the pain. Gabriel reminisces about the good 'ol times they used to have together before Lucifer fell. (if you want, you can have non con/rape Lucifer/Gabe.) Sam and Team free will saves the day and Sam comforts Gabe. Sweet loving comforting sex. bottom!Gabe <3 Sam kisses, and pets Gabe's wings and patches them up knowing a few spells and potions to do it. <3

set during the mystery spot episode...girl!sam pleaded the trickster to bring dean back and he finally agreed with a price... con-sex.

Kink: Claiming/Marking his territory, Dominance
Prompt: It's time for Sami-Girl to find out who really she belongs to.

a funeral for those stupid enough to hurt what an angel claimed as his...
Go to link for prompt.

There are also lots of awesome prompts that have already beeen FILLED but it can never hurt for them to get more.
So please go and check out the prompts and the fics they inspired.
Maybe leave some reviews or find a new idea for you to write.

Date: 2010-08-21 03:40 am (UTC)
twinsarein: (GoodBoyDean)
From: [personal profile] twinsarein
This is a fantastic project. I looks like a huge amount of work. Thanks for putting it all together.


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